I'm a fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur

Hello, I’m Oliver, a 29 year old fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur and business owner. I don’t want to bore you with my life story I just want to give you a short but relevant introduction into my entrepreneurial journey and why I created this blog.

My mission and focus is to establish myself in the online entrepreneurial and start up space and to grow a group of like minded entrepreneurs that believe in working smart and creating their own success inside RebelHead Entrepreneurs..

One of the main reasons I created this blog was to document my journey and inspire others.

Everyday I get excited to go to “work”, I feel like I have so much to give yet so much to learn and i’d like to think I can help others whilst being helped along the way! Nothing will be hidden from you and unlike other so called “bloggers” and “gurus” I 100% practice what I preach.

I recently reached my first goal of becoming a millionaire before the age of 30 by selling my first ever company in a 7 figure deal. I’ll be sharing how I did it live on my Facebook page.

Favourite things
  • Liverpool FC
    Liverpool FC
  • Dennis
  • Josie
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Prosecco
  • Money

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Kind words from others

  • "Oliver is a very-intelligent and well rounded entrepreneur. He is truly compassionate and is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about other people and wants to help in any way that he can. When it comes to design, growth, affiliate and digital marketing, Oliver is that person you can trust—he’s skillful, humble, passionate and teaching from actual personal experience. What he teaches you will help you up your overall entrepreneurial journey on so many levels. I'm honored to also call Oliver a good friend!"
    Adam Toren
    Adam Toren
  • “It is not to often at this time and day that you see some one come on to the internet scene from nowhere and make such an impact. When I first saw Oliver start out with his AffiliateFix forum it was not much at all but I saw that he had the heart and passion to put in the blood, sweat and tears needed to make it work. Fast forward several years ahead now and its amazing to see how far he has come and how many start ups he has been a part of. I know he has what it takes to get to the next level and beyond and always look forward to hearing what his next adventure will be.”
    Scott Ritchter
    Scott Ritchter
  • “Whether its a forum, design company, blog, running traffic, biz development etc Oliver always finds a way to get the job done professionally, quickly and consistently over-delivers. Olivers design company now handles all my design needs as well as my clients. The design and coding work is top notch and unparalleled in the decade I have been in the industry. I am happy to call Oliver a friend and highly recommend anyone that wants to deal with competent businessmen to do business with him.”
    Tim Burd
    Tim Burd
    Agency Y
  • "Having known and been lucky enough to be business partner with Oliver for over 5 years now, I can say that he is a truly incredible entrepreneur. His all round knowledge, confidence, passion, drive and ability to collaborate make him an unstoppable force, a MASSIVE motivation to all around and an absolute pleasure to work with daily. A man who can’t sit still, if he has a vision you can be sure that he will find a way to execute and take action with super targeted efficiency."
    Andy Haskins
    Andy Haskins
  • "Mr. Kenyon has proved to be more than a friend to me and my business. He is an innovator in the marketing space and is always down to help others. Constantly following the needs of the industry, Oliver always delivers in charisma and shares new tech changes to help with the ever changing landscape of our industry. Oli cheers for being a great friend and always challenging the industry."
    Ian Fernando
    Ian Fernando
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