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OliverKenyon.com is One Year Old!

One year….

WOW, that went quick!

So it’s been a whole year since I officially launched OliverKenyon.com.

I’m not going to delve too deep into what I’ve achieved in business this past year because this post is more about it being my blog’s first birthday. I just want to look back at what I’ve achieved because of this blog.

For those of you ever questioning, “Should I start my own blog….?” DO IT!

I originally started mine for the following reasons:

  • Accountability
  • To Help Others
  • Brand Awareness
  • To Finish the Puzzle

Now these may be strange reasons to you, but let me dive into them a little further as I explain how all of the above have helped me grow my businesses immensely in the past year.

Accountability: Honestly, this is probably the biggest growth hack I can share with you right now. Being fully accountable each month for my own personal and business growth via my Growth Reports has changed my life! Never before have I had to answer to anyone. I’m my own boss so I can do what I like, but sometimes that’s not always a good thing!

With my Growth Reports, even if just 3 people read them, I’m putting myself out there on the line month in month out with reports, announcements, statistics and more on my businesses and personal adventures. This puts a really nice pressure on my shoulders each month to stay on my toes and to achieve more month on month as I don’t want to let myself or my readers down.

Knowing that, at the end of the month I’ll be recording an update for the world to see, it really makes me live life a little fuller. I want to travel more, see more of my friends and loved ones, and do more exciting things as I can share my experiences with you! I want to work harder, achieve more successes, grow my businesses, and hopefully inspire you to do the same!

Which brings me onto…..

To Help Others: I never really looked up to anyone online when I was getting started because I was mainly found hanging around on the forums or in the chat group on CPALead. So I never had that luxury of reading posts from someone in the trenches out there doing what I wanted to do and learning from them firsthand. I guess my first experience of that was when I stumbled across the amazing Smart Passive Income blog by Pat Flynn, and his blog was a huge inspiration and catalyst to starting mine.

Pat 100% practises what he preaches, recording all his experiences from running legitimate businesses online. Now, that’s what I do, and I hope one day I’ll do it as well as Pat! He helps and inspires 100’s of people every week to just get started and give it a go. I wanted to do the same, and in the previous year, I’ve had several readers of this blog tell me how my no nonsense approach has really inspired them to get started online.

It’s a real amazing feeling to be able to jump on the phone with people of all ages who are desperate for a little piece of your time. I never ask for anything in return because I’m a HUGE believer in karma and I believe if you help enough people, enough people will help you back. I wanted to create a blog that was real and raw and was coming from firsthand experiences. I really want people to get full benefits from this blog, and I still to this day have not sold one thing to my readers!

Brand Awareness: It’s no secret that I’m a strong believer in the power of branding. You can read that in my How To Grow Your Personal Brand post. This is another big reason why I started my blog.

I’ve always had a belief that if you brand yourself online alongside your businesses that not only will your company have a following but you will also. This means that, should you part ways with a company or exit, you don’t lose that following you’ve built up. I really hope that one day I’ll be an influential and key figure in the online space and this blog has and will help me achieve that goal. It’s obviously still very early days when I compare my blog to those whom I admire like Smart Passive Income, LukePeerFly, and Zac Johnson. These guys have years on me, but I don’t think I’ve made a bad start.

I’ve already been lucky enough to be featured on Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, and Fox News, but this blog has led to me recently being invited onto the hottest entrepreneurial podcast RebelHead Entrepreneurs and also, even more recently, booking my first public speaking gig in London in September. It would be amazing to see some of you there. This year, I hope to do many more features like this to grow my brand.

To Finish the Puzzle: This is possibly the oddest one of them all but the one that had me hung up for years. As you may know, I used to be a real perfectionist! I would worry in bed for hours and not sleep as I think about what I put out online and how my companies and sites would appeal to others. It’s sad, but for about a year, I had an inner battle with myself thinking how I could connect my websites to my companies and my companies to me!

OliverKenyon.com was the missing part to that puzzle!

I managed to launch this blog and then place my name alongside our different company names in all our website footers in the form of “A Project By Oliver Kenyon.” This may sound crazy to you, but it really helped me let go of a problem I had, and I can also now feature my projects on my projects page and blog about everything that’s been going on!

Let’s take a look at our first year….

Blog Stats

  • Posts: 45
  • Comments: 151
  • Pageviews: 34,088
  • Email Subscribers: 40017

Top 10 Posts

Social Stats

My Highlights

I’ve had the best year of my working life and been involved in some incredible opportunities. Below is a snapshot of my key highlights that were featured on the blog over the past year:

  • Traveling to the South of France in a Bugatti Veyron
  • Being featured on RebelHead Entrepreneurs Podcast
  • Securing over $200,000 in investments
  • Earning $30,000 in 3 hours from a webinar
  • Growing our member base to over 75,000 people
  • Surpassing our 1000th project with Landing Page Guys
  • Working with clients such as Rob Lowe, Slim Fast and IMI

and so many more……

What I have learned

There have been many great takeaways I’ve personally learned this year from writing my blog, but I guess the biggest learning curve was understanding my businesses more.

It seriously helps getting everything out on paper and writing up proper growth and business reports each month. This allows me and my teams to look over the past month and clearly see the areas in which we need to work on.

I’ve learnt that I seriously enjoy writing again, and it’s very therapeutic to spend several hours a week away from the hustle and bustle of the office to just sit and write content. I used to blog over on CPAFix several years ago and accumulated over 100 blog posts, so it’s filled a gap that I missed there.

I no longer take myself so seriously. When you first put yourself out there, you seem to think that everyone thinks of you in a certain way and almost worry what people will say. The reality is that no one really gives a shit about you, unless you’re blogging about how many millions you’ve made. You’re just another guy who they look out for amongst the crowd. I no longer worry about what I put out because if people don’t like it, they won’t read it!

What’s next

It’s been a great year for my blog and a good start but I want to multiply this considerably over the next year.

I’m going to be strategically planning new ways to get in front of people and dropping my guard. This all ties back into not worrying what people think of you. So this new blogging year, I’m committed to starting to get on camera more, do more Facebook live sessions, be active on Snapchat, participate in more speaking events, and appear on more press sites and such.

I will continue to share my monthly reports with you as I grow and also commit to hitting 4 posts a month minimum.

A lot is going to happen to me and my companies over the next 6 months including a massive start-up launch, hiring more staff, moving to a bigger office, and securing more partners and investments.

I want to share it all with you.

A massive thank you to those of you who regularly read my blog, and if you’re one of those people, please let me know in the comments.

Bring on year two….!

  • Reaz

    🙂 Happy Birthday to your blog.


  • Massive Happy Birthday to the OK blog. Big things to come, keep pushing, keep striving and keep inspiring!

  • Lim

    Happy birthday to OliverKenyon.com! Daddy have no gift for ya. Lol.

  • 1 year already? that was fast. Happy birthday!
    Let’s do something in Berlin.

    • For sure man, can’t wait to catch up, lot’s of things planned!

  • Souvik Mallick

    Happy Birthday oliverkenyon.com. Time is moving fast. Wishing more success 🙂

  • The Mad French

    Hey, happy birthday to one of the most inspiring blog I came across !

    You’re such an amazing entrepreneur and person Oliver.
    I really wish you the best and beyond, you deserve it man.

    • You’ve been a big push for me this year to churn out the content, thanks as always man.

  • Jeremy Hayden

    Man, Happy Birthday to your blog!! One year down. Keep up the amazing work, Oliver!

    • Thank you mate, thanks for all that you do for the Fix.

  • azgold

    Congrats and Happy Birthday, Oliver and OliverKenyon.com!

    Things just keep getting better and better for you. Can’t think of a nicer person for it to happen to.

    Here’s to many more happy and prosperous years! 🙂

    • Thank you as always AffiliateFix’s first lady :)x

  • Marc

    I’ve still to finish my own puzzle, but hope I can do it in one year…
    Anyway, congrats to the 1st !

    • Marc

      Crap, I wanted this gif as Avatar, now it landed in the comments :p
      Who cares, nobody is perfect, especially not me 😀

      • Hahaha, thanks my man, thanks for being the Spamonator!

        • Marc

          No, not monitor.
          Spaminator and Scaminator in the sense of terminating 🙂

  • TJ Tutor

    You are about so much more than what we can see and read about you. In the time I’ve known you, the growth and expansion of your life and business has been inspiring and has drawn many into your center of influence as the result of who you are at your core. It’s obvious you are among those that have found the groove in which one can accelerate at an exponential rate without derailing. The year ahead will be jaw dropping and we are all at your disposal to help you reach this next years goals! Thanks for being a light for us all!

    • Thank you as always brother! My right hand man…..one day soon we’ll be tasting whiskeys in the south of France!

  • Love Raj Singh

    Happy birthday and congrats for such an awesome blog.