3 Rules to Dominate Private Affiliate Offers!

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About the post.

For years, I’ve been promoting products and software via online campaigns and projects. Often, I will approach a company or person of a product or software that I personally use and therefore am happy to endorse. I used to just grab my affiliate links and set up a campaign, but over the years, I’ve developed a 3 step rule process that I now swear by and have to have in place in order to promote something.

The key takeaway here is to always promote something you personally have used to great success. For example, back when I was starting in affiliate marketing, I stumbled across 7Search’s pay-per-click platform whereby I was able to learn all the basics of running a “paid” traffic PPC campaign. I never made life changing money from 7Search; however, I was able to learn the basics of affiliate marketing without the risks of burning my cashflow that other traffic sources come with.

I used to constantly get asked on AffiliateFix “what’s the best way to learn PPC?” and although I was and still am fully open and honest in saying 7Search traffic is in no way the best traffic, it is however in my opinion the best way for someone on a very limited budget to learn Pay-Per-Click. I’ve personally built up some substantial email lists using Aweber and opt-in pages alongside 7Search traffic that still make me profit down the funnel to this day.

I was constantly sending people to 7Search (when their traffic was better), so I thought to myself, “Maybe I can make some money for sending people their way”. I reached out to 7Search, and they told me about their affiliate program. For a few months, I sent people their way via my affiliate link and made a couple hundred dollars; however, the 3 things I later requested below, and which I now request from everyone I “partner” with, have lead me to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars with 7Search alone.

1: A Custom Landing Page

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For each and every company I personally recommend and to whom I send clients, I request and stipulate that they MUST create me a unique landing page on their domain. The end of that sentence is key! Their domain! Now I know most of you reading this have seen some great guides and case studies or discounts on other sites and blogs and then clicked through to the partner site only to be faced with the generic landing page. This for me is a big no-no. Having my own personally branded landing page on my partner’s domain insures an instant element of trust, efficiency and importance. Imagine two domains with the same promotion: myrandomblog.com/12823promotiontrack vs. 7search.com/promotion. I know which one I’d trust more!

It’s amazing how much my conversions jump when I send traffic to a company’s site with my own sub directory or domain extension and my company logo alongside theirs. Be sure to add some headlines and blurb about a partnership between your companies. I also demand something very important on my landing page which is:

2: An Incentive or Discount

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I truly believe if you’re in a lucky enough position as I am whereby you have a following or presence online that enables you to influence others in what they do or purchase, then I think that it’s not only you who should benefit. I won’t let any company feature on our AffiliateFix Discount Page unless they give my users a “deal” or incentive that isn’t available or matched online. For example, my members get great and exclusive deals with companies like 7Search, which entitles them to a $50 free credit bonus when they deposit $100 or more.

Other incentives or discounts include trial periods, free credits, extra support or a straight forward discount. This method also helps boost conversion rates immensely, especially when one of my competitors is offering the same product as I am but I can offer a special discount for my members or followers. Last but not least:

3: A Referral Commission

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Once my users are taken care of first and foremost, I always make sure I secure a referral agreement that’s worthwhile for me. If I’m sending a company multiple paying users a month, then they should be good enough to pay me for the privilege. Normally, companies will try and offer you a CPS or cost-per-sale model; however, I truly believe and prefer the recurring commission model is best when available.

If a company offers you a % of the sale from a software they “sell” on a monthly recurring model, then I’d ALWAYS ask them for a lower % but a lifetime recurring commission. This way, it doesn’t matter if you don’t make money from day 1 because that referral is always under your account; therefore, whenever they “spend” or renew their membership, you make a commission. If you’d like to read more about payment models, you can do so here.

I have several companies paying me thousands of dollars a year from products I promoted a few years ago and haven’t since due to the above.

To summarise, if you’re going to use your network to promote programs, then rule number 1 is always use it or believe in it yourself. Selling rubbish will only lead to rubbish things!

Secondly, always ask for a landing page on their domain. Sometimes you’ll have to prove you can sell the product through a link first but this is a far better model.

Thirdly, look after your users and get one over your competitors by sealing an incentive or discount for them that no one else can offer; and lastly, look after yourself by securing a decent enough referral agreement, which would be a recurring income if and where possible.

Check out our AffiliateFix discount page for some ideas and inspiration on how I’ve managed to earn hundreds of thousands a year using the rules above!