AdPlexity Mobile Review and Walkthrough + Bonus!

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About the post.

Hey guys!

Today, I want to talk to you about an amazing piece of software that’s currently on the marketplace called AdPlexity

… but I don’t want to take up too much of your time because I KNOW you’re busy, and in all honesty, I just want you to take action and start making some $$$!

So with that said, I’d like to introduce AdPlexity Mobile in this quick video:

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And for those of you that don’t want to watch the video? Here’s the breakdown.

AdPlexity Mobile is the only software you’re going to need to make your very own successful affiliate marketing business by leveraging OTHER people’s success.

AdPlexity is a mobile spy tool that allows you to see, in detail, exactly what OTHER people are doing and literally duplicate it to see positive results for yourself WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars testing and trying to find the ‘perfect’ offer.

“But, Oliver, there are hundreds of other spy tools. What makes this one so special?”

I’m glad you asked.

AdPlexity is the most powerful and simple to use software I have ever had my hands on (And I’ve seen a LOT).

  • You can search based on 75 countries. Most other software limits you to just 10.
  • You can search based on MOBILE CARRIER. This is huge… you can literally see 120 different carriers and which ones are working best so you can narrow down YOUR OWN targeting to the winning carriers only!
  • You can search based on multiple factors. Affiliate network? They have over 100 to choose from. Pop-ups, link ads or text ads? AdPlexity has you covered. Language? Sorted.
  • You can DOWNLOAD landing pages. No more paying expensive coders and designers. You can download the best performing ads and landing pages with a click of a button.
  • Spy on Android In-Application Ads.
  • Spy on Pop-ups.
  • Spy on WAP sites.
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Put simply, everything you need to do can be narrowed down into three steps:

Step 1. Search for the offer. You can do this with a keyword, or simply look for the hottest offer in the current affiliate network you’re in. (Estimated time: 1 minute. Estimated clicks: 3)

Step 2. Find the best performing ad. Using the tool, you can narrow down the best performing ads based on a variety of different targeting factors. Work out the perfect country, the perfect carrier to target and multiple other factors, and then pick the BEST ad that’s currently running. (Estimated time: 3 minutes. Estimated clicks: 10)

Step 3. Launch your campaign. Once you’ve found the perfect ad and landing page, click the download button and you will have a zip file ready to upload to your website. All you need to do is change out your affiliate link and you have a PROVEN campaign up and running. (Estimated time: 2 minutes. Estimated clicks: 5)

That’s 6 minutes and less than 20 clicks to get your own PROVEN affiliate marketing campaign up and running…

… who said affiliate marketing had to be hard?

It’s all about staying dedicated, looking at the data, being aggressive and working SMART!

How many campaigns are you going to have up before the end of the day?

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