AdPlexity Native Review and Walkthrough + Bonus!

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About the post.

Hey guys!

In my endeavor to provide you with honest software reviews for your Affiliate Marketing business, I’ve shot a walkthrough of both AdPlexity Native and AdPlexity Mobile.

Today, we’re going to talk about AdPlexity Native software, a complete solution for all you native affiliates out there.

To make things easier for you, I am presenting the 3-Step process to using the software.

So, act smart and make some money with the most successful affiliate marketing software currently on the market!

Here’s a quick video for you to get a better idea of how the software works. If you’re busy or never got the time to watch the video, here’s a quick breakdown of the software and its features!

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If you are looking for more success in your Affiliate Marketing business…

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If you’re pushing native traffic, then this is a must use tool!

In short, AdPlexity acts as a spy tool by allowing you to have a detailed understanding of what OTHER affiliate marketing businesses are doing with their campaigns.

The tool allows you to duplicate the same into your own ads to see positive results for yourself. All this, without having to spend your money on testing while trying to find the ‘perfect’ offer.

If you are wondering what makes AdPlexity the best spy tool in the market, well here’s the factsheet for your reference!

In my experience, analyzing different spy tools, I have found that AdPlexity is the most powerful and simple to use software. Here’s why…

  • The tool allows you to search ads from 75+ countries while most other software cannot let you search from over 10 countries.
  • One of the most amazing features in the search is the DEVICE TYPE filter. This helps identify which offers are working best on each device so that you can narrow down YOUR OWN targeting to the winning device types only!
  • The tool allows you to search based on the Ads performance from all major Traffic sources. Isn’t that exciting?
  • Your search can be limited to a specific AFFILITE NETWORK. They have over 100 to choose from – including all major networks.
  • You can DOWNLOAD landing pages at the click of a button – absolutely free! You can save a lot of money spent on web design and coding. Once you have all the landing pages of the best performing ads, you are free enough to choose one and apply the same to your ad.


How to use AdPlexity Native tool?

Once you register and sign in to AdPlexity, you will be redirected to the membership information screen that displays the level of access that you’ve got.

Under Active Resources > Click on Native Ads Competitive Intelligence link and you will be redirected to the native tool.

Step 1. Launch AdPlexity and search for the Offers and Ads by Keywords, Advertiser, Publisher ore Affiliate Networks. Apply filters to narrow down you search results. Set ‘Days Running’ filter to find campaigns that are running successfully over a longer period (>90 days). Under the Device Type, you can filter down your results to specific device that the campaigns are run on. Select target countries and traffic sources, the native tool provides you with all the major advertising traffic sources. Apply the Affiliate Network to see their active Ads on the select traffic sources and the Tracking Tool filter for the offers that have been run using that tool. Choosing filters is an option, and this step can be skipped as well.

Step 2. Select the campaign of your choice for a broader analysis of the offer. You can see the country and device type where the offer is running. You can view the actual landing page used by the Ad owner to run the offer. It will give you the names of Tracking software, Affiliate network and links to redirect chain and outgoing URLs as well.
You can view the All-time Ad Trends, or narrow this down to Weekly, Monthly or Daily Ad Trends as well – alongside Publisher Data, both by duration and volume. This not saves you a lot of $$$ but also gives you a better picture when creating your own targeted ads and offers online.

Step 3. Download the landing page of the offer and customize it as per you needs. Once you download the landing page, unzip the folder and open the HTML file. Launch the campaign by changing the affiliate link. Here you go, your campaign will now be up and running.

They offer you a monthly membership plans, and you are free to sign up and cancel anytime.

All you need to do is grab Adplexity Native tool to and stay updated and gain market insights and keep launching SMART and SUCCESSFUL campaigns!

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Thanks for reading!