April 2017 Growth Report

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About the video.

This is my twenty first growth report on OliverKenyon.com. I use these reports to share my progress updates from both a business and a personal point of view. You can view my previous reports here.

There are several reasons I do these monthly reports, but the main reason is so that I’m publicly accountable for everything I do. The way I see it is if I put my report out there to the world wide web then I really have no place to hide. This, to me, is one of the biggest motivators that will enable me to be highly determined to become a hugely successful entrepreneur. I literally have no place to hide!

Another reason I want to do these reports is because I’d like to think that one day I can sit back and read through the journey I took, and the ups and downs it took me to make it.

Lastly, I want to inspire! A huge catalyst for creating this blog was to inspire others into the entrepreneurial route of life. I was just a normal guy from a normal family who worked every hour under the sun as a chef in an Italian restaurant up until a few years ago, but hey, enough about me. Let’s get into the good stuff!

What I Have Done in April

Hey, guys. So, welcome to my April 2017 wrap-up post. Now, some of you who are familiar with me or familiar with OliverKenyon.com, you’ll notice that in the past, I’ve always done a blog, content written wrap-up post ever month.

Why do I do these? I do these to become accountable. I want to put everything I’m doing out there so I can become accountable to whoever wants to watch this. If no one watches it, fine. It doesn’t matter. I’m at least accountable. I’ve at least put myself out there. I’m committed to taking action. I’m committed to striving for the best ane achieving success. So, that’s why I do it.

Normally, as I said, it’s content. But last month was our first ever video wrap-up. This is our second one for April. We got some great feedback from the last one. So, we’re going to continue with these videos. I’m loving being on the camera. I love video. I think it’s the way of the future.

But also, as I did last month, what I’m going to be doing with all my blog posts on OliverKenyon.com is going over to Rev.com, having them transcribe. It’s an amazing, cheap service. Then I’m going to be posting the actual content written article below the video on my blog for those who prefer to read it. It’s also great for content. It’s good for SEO traffic as well, and I can also post the pictures of what we do below.

So, this is my second ever video. I think it’s my 22nd ever wrap-up post, and I can’t wait to share with you what we got up to in April. So, as ever, I’m going to start with a few announcements. You may see me look at my phone. As I explained in the last video, I keep all my notes here. I’ve got some cool notes. Then I just go off that. Everything’s a one-take. This is as raw as it get. I’m being very transparent and open with you guys. I want to share everything with you, the highs, the lows.

So, we’re going to start off talking about highs and lows. There’s been a huge high in April. We launched actmatic.com.

What is actmatic? Initially, at the beginning, it’s a social entrepreneurial group on Facebook. We had incredible uptake on a video I shot. I’m going to show you this later on on the blog this month, hopefully, the kind of the method I use.

But the bvideo I put out organically got nearly 6,000 views. It got 400 comments. We’ve had 300 people join the group already and the group is buzzing. I’m going to touch on it a bit more later on in this video or down in this post if you’re reading the post. But it’s buzzing. It’s amazing to see so many people, like-minded individuals coming together. I’ll also touch later on what is actmatic and how you can get involved.

Another major thing we did in April was we invested in cryptocurrency and became heavily involved. When I say “we”, I’m talking about my network. I talk about people who I mentor for, people who mentor me, my business partner Andy, our close friends in circles. We got involved in cryptocurrency thanks to Adam, my mentor. He advised me a couple of months ago to invest. I’ve been reading up more and more, searching more coins.

In fact, today, a new coin has become available on Coinbase called Litecoin, which I’m going to be investing in. It’s really exciting. Everything’s blowing up in the cryptocurrency world. It’s a world that I really want to get involved in even more. Adam, again, is very, very involved in it and I’m hoping he can help me, along with some other guys, get heavily involved in that. So, that’s something else we looked into, which I would definitely advise you guys looking into today. Don’t leave it, because it’s just going to go up, and up, and up. It’s going all the way up. It’s crazy.

Thirdly, another important announcement, we’re going to touch on this again a bit more, and there’s another video circling on my YouTube channel. However, we announced that we will be doing a private mastermind alongside the legendary, another old, close, very close friend of mine and a mentor, Tim Burd. Now, if you don’t know who Tim Burd is, I suggest you go to FB … I can’t remember the name of it. FBAdBuyersGroup.com.


He is an incredible guy. He owns the Facebook Ad Buyers group on Facebook. I think it’s FBAdBuyersGroup.com. Either way, he has a group of around 30,000 people on Facebook. There’s no one that knows more about Facebook marketing than Tim, white hat marketing. I’ve seen it. He’s been to my house. He’s been to my old flat in Clevedon where we live in the UK. He’s came to visit us. He showed us his stats.

I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the revenue, millions plus, he’s sold exited companies for millions plus. He’s a very, very smart guy. We exclusively teamed up with him on pagesource to offer 25 people an amazing opportunity in London in October. So, I will also be doing videos on that to come. But if you want more information about that and want to grab a ticket, because they are selling, head to pagesource.com/fbmastermind.

Okay. So, we’re going to go through as we do normally, break down the companies individually, and give you an update on how my projects and companies are going. So, let’s get into it. Let’s start with affilinc.


Okay. So, April for affilinc. What did it hold? I’ll tell you this. I’ll start by this, saying it was the month of record. We had the most ever signups we’ve had in a month. All of this is organic, by the way. We don’t pay a penny for paid advertising, we do no SEO. We’re very fortunate. Google seems to love us and so does community.

We’re very blessed. We finally established ourselves and it’s an amazing platform. We did over 3,000 signups alone in just over four weeks in April, which is amazing. All organic traffic. We’re up to about 90,000 members now, not to mention the amount of posts we did.

Another record we did was we had the highest amount of resources sign up to our Resource section. So, for those of you who don’t know, on AffiliateFix.com, that’s one of affilinc’s properties, if you go to AffiliateFix.com, it’s the biggest and fastest growing free affiliate marketing platform out there, a forum and community. Everyone’s welcome. Please, please, if you’re watching this, go and join.


But we have a Resource section, so we have, effectively, a directory of resources. Every single resource has to be added by an official representative of the company. So, I couldn’t just start adding resources. You have to come on as a company and list your resource.

In April, we had, I think it’s over 50 resources come and list their company on the directory. We’re at nearly 2,000 in total. We’re the biggest affiliate marketing directory online now. AffiliateFix just continues to blow my mind. It’s nuts that we started focusing on this properly probably two years ago. It’s just gone crazy.

Alongside that, Affkit’s been running great. We had a small problem with one of the tools, which has been fixed and people are signing up as normal. So, it’s great to see that property grow as well. Apart from that, affilinc is business as normal. As I said, AffiliateFix continues to be breaking records. We’ve got some exciting news I think we’re going to be announcing hopefully this month in May coming up, so stay tuned for that. But it’s business as normal. Hope to see you on the forums.

Now let’s get into the Landing Page Guys.

Landing Page Guys

So, Landing Page Guys in April was another busy month. We’re so blessed for the last two, three years to just continually bring in new customers. Again, it’s another company that we don’t really spend any money on advertising. Most of our customers are referral traffic, people that we’ve had who’ve worked with us for several years, they refer other partners, and then we build up a relationship with them.

Typically speaking, we work with agencies, we work with media companies who have advertisers on board who own their own office. So, it’s really exciting for us this month. I think I explained in last month’s video that everyone was moving more from the trial to the straight sale products, which again, we’ve seen come to light this month as well. We’ve done loads and loads of straight sale funnels. I will do some videos on basically breaking down what a straight sale funnel is and how you can get started in that world.

But gone are the days of the trial. We still do trial offers, by they’re quite grey hat as such. There’s a lot of issues with chargebacks, with refunds. When I say “funnels”, by the way, guys, if you don’t know what a funnel is, it just basically means the website pages that you get walked through as a customer.

So, typically speaking, as I said on last month’s video, our funnel will be a landing page. So, that’s the page where you see the product. So, you come onto the site, you see the product, it’s got a detailed description of what you’re buying, whether that’s a weight loss product, whether that’s a computer game, it doesn’t matter. You basically see a detailed breakdown of what you’re buying. You have a form that says “Buy now”, you put in your personal details.

You then get taken to a checkout. On your checkout, you have all your credit card processing. So, typically speaking, we’ll integrate these with Konnektive or Lime Light CRM. But we’re seeing more and more people go to Shopify. So many people have come to us this month and said, “Do you do Shopify integrations?” which we do. So, loads of people have gone to Shopify at the moment. That’s another trend we see.

So, straight sale and Shopify are going to be the future. eCommerce is huge already and it’s only going to continue to grow with a lot of influence marketing. A lot of people are doing products now that they own like watches, sunglasses, normal glasses, no matter what it is. We’re seeing lots of that stuff as well.

After your checkout, you check out, you’re then taken to what we call a “one click upsell”. So, it’s basically another product. Now, whether that’s more of the same product, for example, if you’re doing a straight sale and you’re selling one protein packet, you may on the upsell sell 10 more for a discounted price.

Now, what’s clever is you’ve already taken their payment details on step two, on the checkout. So, they just need to click “Yes, add to cart” and it will automatically check them out. They don’t have to go through adding billing again on the second checkout. It’s automatically done. So, what a lot of people will do is they’ll lose money or break even on their front end product, but they’ll make a lot of money on the upsell. They’ll even maybe have a rebill on the upsell as well, which works very much.

Then the fourth step is just a confirmation page, a thank you page saying, “This is what you bought. This is when you’re going to get it. This is the customer care number, email,” and such. So, to cut this short, we’re definitely seen a huge trend of people moving from trial to straight sale. We’ve seen a huge increase on Shopify, eCommerce stores, and that’s the way I see everything going, influence marketing as well, as opposed to just direct pay traffic on Facebook.

So, that’s some tips for landing pages. Again, business as normal. Very blessed to have a great client base. If you need any landing pages, big or small, done, please get in touch at LandingPageGuys.com. Let’s move on to pagesource.


Okay. So, pagesource is almost there. I promise you, I promise you, I promise you we’re almost ready for customers. We’ve been working. If you watched last month’s video, we explained that we were looking for a new senior developer. We’ve blessed to grab effectively our old one. He worked at the same company. He know the product inside out. He’s been working tirelessly this past month in April basically cleaning up what the other guys did, ironing out some bugs, getting feedback of our beta users, making sure that everything’s good.

But we’ve also been focusing on the key features. It’s hard when you have a startup or a software, you tend to get lost in new features that you want to build when really, you should be concentrating on what’s going to get you to market the quickest as an MVP product. So, we’ve been working on that.

The features we’ve been working on include stuff like publishing pages. So, there was a mechanism in place. It didn’t work. We’ve changed it. It took us a week, stripped it all out, put a new mechanism in place, and it’s a lot nicer to unpublish and publish pages.

We’ve also got a guy called Simon we’ve bought onto the team who’s working full time on the knowledge base. We have about 50 articles in there, really extensive knowledge base. So, it’s going to be super easy for everyone to use. We have a whole support system in place with Simon. So, that’s going really well.

We’ve also integrated payment. So, as I mentioned before, we had Chargebee integration, but we’ve now sorted that out with the amount of traffic. We’ve got different packages from beginners to enterprise. Eventually, the enterprise side is what we want to go after. But to start with for MVP, we need some people in the system using the software. We can’t wait to show it to you. So, that’s going to be soon. Hopefully this time next month, I’ll be sat here announcing the launch, at least the soft launch, of pagesource.

On the other side, our template guys have been working tirelessly. I think in last month’s video, I just watched it, I’m pretty sure I said that we were up to about 121 templates. I’ve just checked; we’re at over 170. So, this past month, they added another 50 templates into the software, focusing on advertorials, option pages, and multi-step pages. So, the multi-step’s something that other people don’t do. So, we’re really excited to get those out.

We’ve got so many templates in there, templates that we’ve already tested with metrics that have proven to convert. We just can’t wait to get out. If you want beta access, please, please comment below. Whether you’re watching this on YouTube, whether you’re watching this on Facebook, in actmatic, pagesource.com, or on my blog, OliverKenyon.com, go to OliverKenyon.com, then you need to comment below if you want some beta access.

I’ll be in touch. I’m sorry we can’t get to everyone, but we will be in touch. We have a list of users who are desperate to get on this software, which is exciting. So, pagesource, working towards the MVP. I know I keep saying it, but it’s coming. It is definitely coming. We need to launch and we can’t wait to show you it. Thank you.


actmatic. This is the first report we’ve done on actmatic and there’s so much I can share with you. In fact, I don’t even want to share it with you. All I want you to do is go to actmatic.com and join our group. If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re someone who wants to succeed in life, you’re watching this video, and you don’t do that, you’re a fucking idiot. Sorry, Mum, Dad, if you’re watching. You’re an idiot because it’s gone amazing.

So, this group was built for entrepreneurs and people who want to take action, hence actmatic: Take Massive Action. Okay? Inside the group, we have over 300 people now. It’s crazy the amount of content. We’re encouraging everyone to get on video. So, so many people are getting in front of their cameras, they’re recording content, we’re helping people, we’re discussing topics that needed to be discussed, and it’s just blown up. I’m amazed.

Every morning I wake up, the first thing I do is check that group, actmatic.com. It’s not about, we don’t care if you’re worth no money, a lot of money. But we’ve got people in there who are multimillionaires, people who have sold multiple companies for seven, eight figures just sat in their pyjamas just sharing videos and tips of what their day holds, how they can advise you to make more money. It’s so incredible. This is exactly what I wanted.

Another thing that’s really cool is we’ve got people in front of the camera, so we’ve bought people out of their comfort zone, which is amazing. I’ve had messages from members saying, “Thank you so much for starting the group because we are now on camera. We’re now doing videos and it’s something that we wanted to do but have never done before.” We’ve kind of broke that duck.

I’m going to do a post this month. The next post I do on the blog will actually be about this topic, about breaking past your inner barriers to get in front of a camera, to get over yourself. At the end of the day, no one really gives a shit. That’s what that video’s going to be about. But it’s true. Go into actmatic.com, get in, get in front of the camera, and embrace it and use it. You’ll get a buzz out of it. I promise you.

So, yeah. Apart from that, it’s amazing to see how many people are using video, how many people are sharing stuff. It couldn’t have gone any better. I can’t wait to start growing this group even more next month.


Okay. So, moving on to OliverKenyon.com. Now, this one’s exciting for me. They’re all exciting, but this one’s exciting because we had a massive change. So, for those of you who are all blog readers, and if you are, please, please comment below. It’d be nice to hear from you and hear your thoughts.

We had, it was a a really nice design, a green blog. But it was very simple and we switched over last month in March, my first ever video report, to focus more on video, to focus more on actmatic and change the blog to become more brandable, more professional. The feedback you’ve given me so far has been amazing, so I want to hear more of it.

I also want to hear negative feedback. If you don’t like something, if there’s something that’s not good for you, if you think I’m shit on video, tell me. If I need to do more on video, tell me. If I’m not doing something you like on video, please, please tell me, and likewise for the blog. I want your feedback. Do you like it? Do you like the design, the colours, the imagery? Comment below, please, please, please comment below because I need your feedback. It means a lot. You have no idea how much it means to me. So, please, please comment below.

One of the great things we did on our blog was we installed an exit pop. Now, we used WP Popup. I’m going to do a review in an article on this. But it was really cool because we’ve done some, our developer Laura, she’s an amazing, amazing, amazing developer. A WordPress developer. Incredible. She’s made this blog look beautiful and function beautifully.

She did some custom stuff for this exit pop. So, if you’re on my blog now, or go to my blog OliverKenyon.com, try and exit and there’s going to be an exit pop, which basically incentivizes you to join actmatic, which you need to do. You need to do.

Anyway, it’s really, really intuitive. This software’s so cool. What happened is I actually applied for the software’s affiliate programme. The guy came onto my site just to make sure I was legit and make sure I was using it. He sent me a personal invite, the CEO of the company, saying that he wanted to not only feature me on their new website as a testimonial, but he also wanted me to do a case study because he thinks we’ve used it in such a way that’s so attractive to show how we’ve used it, to show how my blog has used it. He thinks our blog looks amazing.

So, that’s really exciting. It’s really nice that he’s reached out to me and I’m going to do that for him. I need to email him back, actually. I’m going to do that for him and hopefully get featured on their site, which is going to be some good press for me, but it also is great press for them because it’s a great, great piece of kit, which I’ll be sharing. It’s on my Resources page. So, if you’re on my blog, head up to the top. My Tools, My Resources, and you’ll find al ink to it there.

Apart from that, also, we’ve been featured … I said “we”. I have been featured on Cloudways. So, Cloudways, the hosting service, the massive, massive company in the States and across the world, reached out to me for a kind of entrepreneurial interview. They’ve seen what I’ve done with AffiliateFix and such and they reached out and said they wanted an interview, so of course, I obliged.


If anyone’s watching this now and wants me to be one their podcast or interviews and stuff, I love doing that stuff. So, yeah. Please, please get in touch. Again, if you go to About Me at the top if you’re on my blog, go to my blog, About Me, at the bottom, you’ll be able to click through in the press to the Cloudways interview, which was really cool, a really nice interview. Read about it. We talk a lot about AffiliateFix and how that community’s just grown, a lot of affiliate marketing tips, and how to network and such. So, it’s a good read. So, please, please go and read that now.

That’s pretty much it for Oliver Kenyon. I know it’s been pretty quiet on the content side of things. That’s just because we’ve got something going on in the background at the moment we need to deal with first and foremost. This month, I promise to be doing a couple of articles, videos.

Mainly, I’m going to be doing videos, but I’ll get them transcribed for those of you who prefer to read them, as this one will be transcribed on Rev.com as well. So, the content on the post when you read it may read a bit strange because we’re actually transcribing it. But hopefully, you’ve got the best of both worlds there.

That’s it for OliverKenyon.com. As I said, please, please comment below on the blog or on these videos and let me know what you think of the new site.


Okay. So, moving on to the last subject of this wrap-up, thank you so much for those of you who stick to the end. Again, if you do stick to the end, please comment. Again, I’d love to know how many of you stick to the end. I’ve seen the analytics on the videos and it’s pretty cool. Those of you who do get engaged tend to stick to the end. So, I really appreciate that.

What did we do personally in April? Focused a lot on my garden at home. So, I’m going to show you some pictures below. But me and my personal trainer and very good friend Tom built a shed and it was quite funny because we posted that on social media talking about we had the new “erection” service. It was a little in-joke, but it was quite cool.

But, yeah. We managed to build a shed. We also replaced all my fence panels, we got some new furniture, we mowed all the lawn, did all the flowerbeds, my dad came around, bought some flowers, Mum helped, everyone helped. All ready for the bank holiday. We were going to have a bit of a barbecue and a party in the garden. We woke up and it was raining. Sorry, guys. But it’s nice to have a cool garden.


What else we did is we went to Tunbridge Wells. So, those of you who are in actmatic or those of you who follow me on Instagram and such, you would have seen I’m very close friends with a lovely guy called Max. Now, Max is a incredible guy. He works for a company called Mozoo. I think he’d been working with us too. But don’t tell Mozoo that. No, I’m only joking. We love him. But he’s very high up in Mozoo and he’s such a great guy.

So, me and Josie went to see him and his wife in Tunbridge Wells. What an amazing place. Anyone who hasn’t been to Tunbridge Wells, or Royal Tunbridge Wells, I should say, needs to go. It’s such an amazing place. It’s a tiny little place, but they’ve got, for those of you who like to eat and drink, it’s huge. The street is rammed with restaurants, cafes.


It’s very continental. There’s people outside the bars having drinks. It’s just got an amazing feel, pretty affluent and luxury. It’s such a cool place. So, we had an amazing bank holiday with those guys. If you’re watching, Max and Rach, thank you so much for your hospitality. We can’t wait to see you again. So, that was really good.

I spent most of April in London, to be honest. Most weekends, I was in London for business and pleasure. I went up with Josie the weekend before we went to see Max and Rachel. For Friday, it was business. Then Saturday, we went to the Bruno Mars concert, which was great. He’s an amazing singer. I think he’s probably the closest thing to Michael Jackson I’ll ever see in my age. I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson, still am obsessed with him. As a performer, Bruno doesn’t come close, but I think he’s the closest we’ll get. His voice, range of vocals are amazing. He was really good.


We stayed by the river. We took the pods across to the O2, which is cool, especially for me who don’t fly. I had a few drinks beforehand. But I felt cool with that. There’ll be some pictures below as well if you want to see that. The day after, we went out in London, went for lunch, and then we book a sick Airbnb place in Shoreditch. We had a penthouse with a balcony. Lovely place.

My good friend Nick and his fiancée, can’t wait for his wedding. Going to be the best man as well. Can’t wait for that. He’s my brother. We went out in Shoreditch, had a great night, went to the hotel we stayed at last month, the Sky Bar, which was amazing. So, it was good. Yes. It was busy. Really, really busy.

Aside from that, work was crazy, and yeah. Thank you so much for sticking to the end. If you stuck to the end, let me know. As always, let me know your feedback, good, bad. I love doing these for myself, but it’s also great to get some feedback.