How An eBook Changed My Life!

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About the post.

In 2012 I started earning a decent amount of money from CPA marketing.

What I unexpectedly found was that no one wanted to share their experience nor help newcomers in the industry, and it was this lonely feeling that triggered me to launch my own CPA marketing forum called (now AffiliateFix).

Sure, we had the Warrior Forum or Digital Point, but it seemed like every post was just another so-called “Guru” trying to sell you his latest shitty WSO. I’m sure most of you reading this know that feeling, right?

I mean you couldn’t even ask a question without either being sold something or laughed at, so I set out to change that!

I built the forum on the CPALead chatroom originally for some of my friends and people I’d interest with (shout out if you’re reading this!). It was never meant to grow, and the first few weeks, I locked the membership to invite only those who I knew would add value.

What I slowly found is that through word of mouth people would contact me via online means asking if they could join the forum. I think this was my first taste of wanting to become an entrepreneur!

There wouldn’t be a day that went by when I would get home from work at 11 o’clock at night from the kitchens and see Skype messages, emails, CPALead inbox messages and more from people wanting a spot on CPAFix. What else could I do but open the door?

Back in the CPALead days, the “Chatroom” on the dashboard was a hive of activity. They had this clever little function whereby you could type “/earningstoday” and your daily earnings would appear. At the time, I had some seriously big and viral incentivised campaigns going on, and often I’d give a daily shoutout of $1000+.

Now as you can imagine, this resulted in lots and lots of people joining my forum and asking for help. Again I would receive loads of messages into my inbox each day asking me how I made my money and what methods I used. Most messages were sent from newbies, and although I wanted to answer every single one, I simply didn’t have enough time in between working my full-time job as a chef and running my campaigns/forum.

That was until one night I came up with the idea of compiling all I had learnt into an easy-to-follow eBook. The Newbie411 was born.

To this day, I remember the time I picked the name and registered the domain. One night when I had a rare evening off from the kitchen, I picked up my laptop and drove from my house (which I rented with some mates) to my parents’ house where I could concentrate better.

I sat in their study from 5pm until 2am writing the eBook and formatting it. To say the least, it looked awful, but back then, I was just stupidly proud and happy with my first ever book!

The day after, I zipped the book up, uploaded it online, and sent it to all my members! The book had no upsells and no affiliate links. I didn’t sell a thing. It was just helpful, easy-to-follow tips and guides on “what is affiliate marketing”.

I couldn’t have imagined the following results that came from that book!

During the subsequent days, I had nothing but amazing feedback from my members telling me how much the book had helped them and how finally someone was teaching them CPA on their level and not trying to sell them the next shiny object. To my absolute amazement, they all started sharing the eBook across all the top forums, blogs, and social networks online.

Instantly my forum grew overnight from 50 to 500 members and the activity was amazing! You see, that’s the beauty of a free eBook – people won’t hesitate to spread the message if it’s free, good content that gets results!

I always remember installing tracking on the book and seeing that it had over 60,000 views within one month, which to me was astonishing. It was a real catalyst for me to take the forum seriously and turn it into a business and not just a place for my friends to hang out.

Since that day, I’ve released several editions and worked tirelessly to improve the book each time I update it. It has now grown into a 60+ page guide to affiliate marketing and is regarded as one of the top free eBooks in the space. You can see some of the editions below:

books shadow

I’ve also converted the book into a “Wikipedia” on the AffiliateFix forums so that newbies and newcomers always have somewhere to revert back to if they need help on the basics.

It’s amazing and you wouldn’t believe the amount of marketers, networks, professors, students and more that have reached out to me personally to thank me for the book. Plus, some of the results it’s yielded for affiliates are incredible.

To know that something you wrote has changed people’s lives is insane!

If this inspires you to write you own eBook, then just think of what it can do for you:

  • Free traffic
  • Reputation building
  • Authority
  • Results
  • List

and more.

I’ve also constantly tried to improve the landing page or “opt in” page whereby you can download the book if you come from the many places it’s shared on across the net. From this page i’ve been able to build a very substantial list of marketers. Check out some of the landing pages:

pages shadow

I recently suggested to one of my close friends Tai aka the cashmoneyaffiliate, to follow in my footsteps and write a book for his audience. He took my advice after seeing the success of the Newbie411 and wrote the Mobile Immersion 101 (a must read by the way). The book managed to have the same effect and has been shared across the internet, all the time building his authority and reputation, and gaining him free traffic back to his fantastic blog.

I will continue to improve and add to my Newbie411 book and hope that it’s helped or will help some of my readers today. This tactic can be adapted to anything online in any niche.

Go get writing!

If the Newbie411 has inspired or helped you at some point please reach out in the comments below!