How to Grow Facebook Pages with Millions of Followers (The 4 C’s)

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About the post.

Facebook pages still hold MASSIVE value.

Yes, it’s true that they don’t hold the value they had several years ago before all the clever algorithms were introduced and before Facebook advanced their paid self-service platform, but the fact is, if you have a large Facebook page, you have a large social following and influence.

The problem is Facebook decided to devalue people’s pages and therefore the organic reach of a page unless you are paying to show your posts. Visibility has dramatically decreased across the whole platform.

Numerous companies have spent thousands of pounds with Facebook marketing to get large Facebook pages, only to find the reach and engagement flop and therefore see very little return and ultimately own a page they can’t do much with. The keyword in the above is “engagement“.

Every single thing on Facebook comes down to this word: Engagement.

In fact, this is truly important, so much so that Facebook has designed their clever little page algorithm to favour or not favour your efforts of trying to grow your page based on the amount of engagements you receive. An engagement is anything from a like, to a share, to a comment on a post.

Engaging content will result in a more viral and organic reach.

Now, although I can’t tell you the exact “weights” or “point system” they allocate to each of the above, I can tell you as much as they DO allocate points to the above.

For example, in order they rank:


Therefore, the more shares you receive on a post on your page, the better your engagement will be and therefore the more they will favour you with organic reach. In layman’s terms, I basically mean that the more Facebook favours you, the more they will share your page around on other people’s walls and the more exposure you’ll get.

If your audience is engaged, you’re winning. If they’re not, then the chances are you’re losing money and time and your brand isn’t looking its best.

To summarise the intro to this post before we get into the good stuff, if you want to grow a brand or business page on Facebook, you have to outsmart the algorithm and make sure you’re engaging with your audience from day one. Facebook’s organic (unpaid) reach (the amount they show your content to others) is calculated based on the amount of engagements (likes, comments, shares) you receive on your page posts.


This may all sound confusing and hard, but in order to get it right, you can follow what I like to call the 4 C’s of Facebook fan pages.

Our company Lovecars is fortunate enough to own one of the largest and most organically engaged pages on Facebook in the automotive industry with currently, as I write this post, just north of 1.1 million fans. I broke the news on the Lovecars blog in January.

Want to know the best part?

We haven’t had to spend a penny buying page likes!

Now before I dive into the 4 C’s, I want to make this crystal clear: this shit isn’t easy in the slightest. We have an INCREDIBLE team at Lovecars and some of the most exciting talent in the world, which is why we’ll soon be the number one automotive site in the world. I don’t take credit for what our team has done. We’re a big family and all work for each other.

Right. So, want to grow a massive Facebook fan page in 2016?

Follow the 4 C’s.


Rule number one in anything business related that you do: if you want to achieve anything, GET CONSISTENT!

When I talk about being consistent with your Facebook pages, I don’t just mean posting consistently. What I really mean is being consistent across the whole process. The trouble is, because we can use third party tools and Facebook’s own scheduling tool, we tend to get lazy and schedule a load of half assed posts. This seriously won’t work! Take some time to ensure every single post is BANG on point and of a high quality.

Every single post you put out should be consistent with your quality and should also be consistent with engaging your following.


Notice how above we post an update on our page every 3 hours. This is something we’ve “consistently” tested and has the best results for our reach. Don’t neglect those of your following that are in different time zones than you. Schedule consistent quality posts every single day for the best results.

A good scheduling tool that’s very affordable and even helps you find good content to post is FPTraffic by my good friend Luke Kling.


When I speak about being calculated with Facebook, I mean that every single post you publish has to be thought out and researched.

There are various different ways to calculate your content, but Facebook Page Insights plays a huge role in this. I’m not going to guide you through how to use Page Insights as that would be another guide in itself, but get yourself to grips with how it works.

One of the great things about Page Insights is it shows you the results you’ve had on your previous posts and can even rank for you your top most engaging posts in the past. Once you’ve spent a few weeks or a month putting out content, this is a great opportunity to see exactly what works for your audience.


Above is a snapshot of one of our best performing posts this year. It’s not a surprise that we’ve then studied our insights and posted the same cars or similar shot on numerous occasions with nearly as good results.


The other great thing you can do with insights is to follow other pages that are similar to yours on Facebook. We’ve spent hours calculating and studying other automotive pages on the platform to see exactly what sort of posts get the most engagement for them. You can even employ someone on UpWork to provide a report for you of the top 10 pages in your niche on Facebook and those pages’ top 10 most engaging posts.

The above would cost you about $100 and would result in 100 calculated posts that you know for a fact would engage your following.


So you’re posting quality content several times a day and you’ve done your research to find calculated posts, all you need to do now is sit back and wait for the million fans to roll in, right?


Now this C is the C that separates the pages with thousands of followers and the pages with millions. You need to get creative.

Copying what’s working is fine, but like anything business related, the winners are those who copy something that’s working and then improve on it. This is exactly what we’ve done on Lovecars and our various other pages. We simply take what works and make it better. Take the following image for example:


As you can see, this car on its own had some good results as far as engagement; however, getting creative and making a collage of three cars as follows had far better results:


This is just one example of how we’ve gotten creative with our posts.

In most cases, images do better than just plain text. Also, videos can go more viral than anything, but make sure you mix them all up.

The other thing to bear in mind when it comes to being creative is it’s not just the video or image you need to be creative with. You also have to be creative with what you write in order to engage the user. We NEVER post a picture without sparking some playful infighting to elicit a reaction or thought from our followers. What I mean here is we always put our self in the shoes of our followers and make them think about replying or engaging with our posts by asking them to make a choice, pick a team or side, voice their opinions, etc.

Some great examples of how you can do this is by using the following phrases:

  • Right vs Left?
  • Which one would you choose?
  • What do you think of….?
  • Old or New?
  • Do you like this…..?
  • Hot or Not?
  • Top or Bottom?
  • Pick one of the following..

It’s no fluke that each of our top 20 most engaging posts on Facebook that received over a million in viral organic reach featured one of the phrases above.


Content is key!

If you follow all of the above but your content isn’t on point, you can forget it all. When it all boils down to it, you have to produce relevant and engaging content. It’s also very important to mix your content up to keep it fresh.

We tend to post several images, videos and news articles per day, and we always make sure to stay up to date with what’s going on in our industry. If you want to be the go-to page on Facebook for your niche, then you have to live and breathe your industry.

Here at Lovecars, we’re very blessed and fortunate to have some of the most influential automotive contributors on our team, so we’re always up-to-date and on point with the latest car content on the net. However, if you’re just getting started or haven’t got the funds to employ full-time writers, then I suggest you find a partner or two who are highly enthusiastic about what you do, so that between you and your partners, you can keep on top of what’s breaking in your industry.

Content is everything and we always make sure we’re first to share pictures of new cars, news stories and everything that our users will highly engage with in order to grow our page.

There are huge benefits of having a large Facebook page, especially one that is organically grown with a high engaging following. These include:

  • Increased exposure and market reach
  • Lowered marketing expenses
  • Brand loyalty
  • Web traffic increase
  • Brand authority
  • Market leverage
  • Insights

and far more.

Just remember the 4 C’s and put into practise what you’ve just read.

Consistent Calculated Creative Content.

Here’s to yours and our next million followers….