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About the post.

Below is a picture of me back in May 2012 when I first properly launched AffiliateFix (formally CPAFix).

cpafix shadow

Back then I was still a full time chef. Working long split shifts, coming home late at night to work on my campaigns and forum into the early hours of the morning. I would literally work from 8am until 3 in the afternoon then come back in at 5.30 in the evening until close which was normally around 11pm.

3 years on and now with FixForums Ltd and a full team behind me i’m super excited to announce our 3rd forum launch:

WebsiteFix joins our now triplet of forums along side AffiliateFix and EntrepreneurFix.

The company purchased the domain over a year ago and have been working on the right moment and time to launch the new forum. I recently shared with you in my September Growth Report that we’d managed to purchase an old established webmaster forum which is now the back bones of the new forum.

UKWebmasterWorld has now been merged with our brand new WebsiteFix forum and we’ve taken our original and proven blueprint from our other FixForums and integrated them in with the new community.

You can read the full press release here.

I’ve personally always felt that there’s been a big gap missing for a decent webmaster forum with Warrior Forum and Digital Point holding the top spots for so many years, it’s time some young and vibrant blood gave them a run for their money.

We promise:

  • No shitty WSO’s!
  • No payments to use the marketplace!
  • No rehashed products or ebooks!
  • No moderated forums
  • No unfriendly behaviour

Just an informational, helpful and friendly atmosphere for every type of webmaster online!

We’ve also brought over some of our unique forum features including:

NEW Webmaster Resources:

resources shadow

Soon to be the most populated and active webmaster resource listings on the planet. We’ve had huge success with our resources setup on our other forums and cannot wait until official companies start signing up. This will give all webmasters a great place to overview and interact with essential companies and useful webmaster resources.

NEW Exclusive Discounts:

discounts shadow

We’re also working hard on securing more and more exclusive discounts and coupons for every single WebsiteFix member. We will continue to reach out and grow our exclusive deals over the coming months.

NEW forums and layout:

forums shadow

We’re webmasters ourselves so we know the key forums that are needed in order to get the most out of your membership. We’ve added several new forums and will be taking your feedback on whats still missing or not needed!

I’ll be blogging the progress of WebsiteFix in my next Growth Report and i’d like to welcome every single one of my readers to sign up and join us on the forums!

As always any questions, suggestions, feedback or thoughts good or bad please leave them below as i’d love to hear from you!

Time to crack some champagne.