January 2016 Growth Report

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About the post.

This is my seventh growth report on OliverKenyon.com. I use these reports to share my progress updates from both a business and a personal point of view. You can view my previous reports here.

There are several reasons I do these monthly reports, but the main reason is so that I’m publicly accountable for everything I do. The way I see it is if I put my report out there to the world wide web then I really have no place to hide. This, to me, is one of the biggest motivators that will enable me to be highly determined to become a hugely successful entrepreneur. I literally have no place to hide!

Another reason I want to do these reports is because I’d like to think that one day I can sit back and read through the journey I took, and the ups and downs it took me to make it.

Lastly, I want to inspire! A huge catalyst for creating this blog was to inspire others into the entrepreneurial route of life. I was just a normal guy from a normal family who worked every hour under the sun as a chef in an Italian restaurant up until a few years ago, but hey, enough about me. Let’s get into the good stuff!

What have I done in January

Back to it with a new year and new found motivation to make this year better than the last. (Not that 2015 was bad – it wasn’t).

January is one of the times in the year where you sit back and analyse your life and business in order to make a list of improvements for the upcoming year. I do this each year, and this January was no exception. I made some big and bold moves in January both personally and on a business level, which should, I hope, see me prosper this year.

The first of those was for Andy and me to move full force with “Project P”, which I mentioned first in November’s growth report. Investor agreements are being drawn up, design has begun, and we’ve even got a date/event in mind to draw first blood on our new and exciting start up.

Andy and I once again locked ourselves into Celtic Manor in Wales for 24 hours with nothing but our laptops and thrashed out the next phases of our project. We also booked in a date with our development team to meet us this coming month to get started on the backend.

For those of you involved in the product or start-up scene, I’d advice watching Wyatt and David from Demio here as they record their journey whilst building their new company. It’s gotten me super excited to watch them knowing Andy and I will be doing similarly as of this month!

Other big decisions were made both personally and business wise, which fall into their categories below, so let’s not hesitate anymore and get into the good stuff.


It would seem that throughout my monthly reports I just have nothing but amazing things to tell you about each month for Lovecars. Well, I’m sorry to the haters, but this month is NO exception.


We did it! With rapid growth, we managed to hit one million followers or “likes” on Facebook in January. We have THE BEST team of social posters who really study each platform and algorithm in order to make the most out of each network.

We’re super excited to reach one million, but now our focus is to get the same amount of people on our platform.

Another awesome thing that happened this past month was us hitting a substantial milestone that was beyond all of our expectations with the number of people who’ve signed up for our pre-launch competition. I can’t yet divulge the exact number, but we’re super excited to have thousands of people already signed up before we’ve even launched.

January also saw the team make several trips to London again in order to meet with some great people and companies. It was great for me to experience some of the offices and spaces we visited in order to get some motivation and ideas for our new offices that we’ll be moving into this year.


We met with investors, mentors, and several media companies who are desperate to cover our story. We even popped in for a quick catch up and drinks with the awesome guys at Car Throttle’s offices.

Our competition ends in 3 days so be sure to sign up now!


When I first started this blog, I promised you and on my about page that I would share the good, the bad and the ugly, so that’s what I’m going to do. This past month, I unfortunately had to depart with one of FixForums members of staff.

Those of you who were on the forums would have known Roger as our forums administrator for the past six or so months. Unfortunately, he and I didn’t see everything the same way, and we ended company relations as of January. It’s a real shame it didn’t work out, but I’ve learned a lot from it and I wish Roger all the best in the future with no hard feelings.

We’ve interviewed several new people for his role, but I always believe that hiring from within is the best policy so I have a call with a very popular figure on the forums – whom I’m sure you can all work out who he is tomorrow – about filling the missing forum management role.

We saw one of, if not, the busiest weeks EVER on AffiliateFix in January as my good friend and super star affiliate Attila, aka iAmAttila, participated in our “Affiliate Expert Week” program.

I knew Attila was a very popular figure, but he exceeded even my expectations when he hosted the busiest week yet, beating other rockstars such as Charles Ngo and LukePeerFly. You can see Attila’s 100+ questions and answers by clicking here.

As part of my “January analysis”, I made plans to put a big focus on establishing EntrepreneurFix early this year. Although the forum is doing well with lots of new content on a weekly basis, it still hasn’t gotten the member or activity count that I want and know it should have. My guys over at Landing Page Guys knocked together these banners for me, and I plan to do some outreach and media buying this coming month to help grow the audience, amongst other plans we’ve made.


Speaking of Landing Page Guys, the team has been so busy as of late that client work always comes first and we’ve had to put the coding of the new FixForums website on hold for a few weeks. I’m hoping it should go live in February and I can share it with you all for your thoughts.

Let’s crunch some stats:


  • Members: 30,408 (29,325 last month)
  • Posts: 108,571 (104,740 last month)
  • Active Members: 9113 (8344 last month)
  • Facebook: 5067 (4888 last month)
  • Twitter: 2103 (2054 last month)
[chart id=”16″]


  • Members: 1972 (1814 last month)
  • Posts: 11,486 (9024 last month)
  • Active Members: 1619 (1619 last month)
  • Facebook: 6354 (6354 last month)
  • Twitter: 222 (222 last month)
[chart id=”17″]


  • Members: 38,682 (38,429 last month)
  • Posts: 131,267 (130,106 last month)
  • Active Members: 887 (867 last month)
  • Facebook: 10 (10 last month)
  • Twitter: 5 (4 last month)
[chart id=”18″]

Landing Page Guys

As I explained above, my business partner Andy and I have been focusing a lot on “Project P” over the past few months, but that didn’t stop us from having another record-breaking month with Landing Page Guys.

We’ve managed to build a solid blueprint of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to landing pages over the past several years. I even shared them with everyone in my post about the 16 top tips you MUST be using on your landing page.

It’s this exact blueprint that we stick by when it comes to creating landers for our clients and it’s this exact blueprint that keeps our clients’ pages converting higher than anyone else’s and, therefore, gets us a lot of recurring work.

We started to use Basecamp CRM about a year and a half ago for our team management when it comes to design and coding landing pages, and we’ve just today crossed the 800 mark when it comes to “completed jobs”. Bear in mind most of these tasks or jobs will be direct from merchant and sometimes include 10+ landing pages in one task. Either way you look at it, it’s pretty impressive to know we’ve served quite literally thousands upon thousands of landing pages to this amazing market.


We were also pretty pleased to learn that one of our most recent health landing page funnels was the highest converting funnel across 3 of the largest affiliate networks in the space.


I have to start with a confession!

It’s the 8th of February and I’m only JUST writing and sending this to my proofreader Francine.

Why? I FORGOT my monthly report!

I even wrote another blog post last week that’s ready to be posted, when I had several people contact me and ask where my January update was. So for the first time since I started this blog 7 months ago, I forgot the monthly growth report. However, all is not lost as I now have two posts to go live this month to keep up on schedule and it’s also very flattering to have so many of you contact me to remind me that it was missing, which means people read me blog :)!

I managed to stick to my four posts a month rule once again as you can see below:

I have to admit that I personally think my How to Grow your Personal Brand post was possibly my best to date on the blog. It received some great feedback and even encouraged several people to get started with their own blog/brand.

Something new you may have noticed on the blog was my new exit popup I added. I grabbed my copy of Ninja popups that I recommend here on my resources page and whipped up a quick opt-in exit popup.

The results haven’t been that promising, although it has helped get me more opt-ins to my list.


I plan on setting up a few split tests this month and recording the results, along with making further changes to my blog.

As always, thank you to everyone who continues to read, support, and follow my blog, and to those of you who comment and share, please keep it up!


I had another busy month personally in January and the festivities didn’t stop after Christmas.

It was my Mum and Dad’s birthdays in January and it happened to be a substantial number for both of them (I’m not allowed to share which number)! My sister Sophie and I managed to pull together to take the family away for a long weekend in Dartmouth.

We booked a place in Kingswear called the Tower House, which we later learned was valued at over 2.5million pounds. It was an incredible place that overlooked the water. I wanted to give my parents a special night, so on the Saturday, I closed up my laptop and donned my chef whites once more.

I got up early in the morning and took the little ferry across the water into Dartmouth whereby I had pre-ordered some fresh fish for the evening’s festivities. The fish had literally just landed and you could smell the freshness. I proceeded to take the ferry back and spent the whole day preparing a four-course meal for my parents and our guests.


The meal went really well and everyone said they had a great evening. It was really nice to spend the weekend with my family and to enjoy my parents 60th together (shit, did I just say the age?).

It was also very motivating to be in a house that was so extravagant and luxurious. The phrase “Imagine owning a place like this” kept getting repeated, and inside my head I kept repeating, “I won’t have to, because I’m going to make it happen”.


Another big decision and personal change I made in January was to hire myself a personal trainer. As you can read in this post from several months ago, I started to run everyday. Although it helped me lose a lot of excess weight, I wasn’t happy with how my body looked as it just stripped fat but didn’t build muscle, etc.

I’ve now finished my first 8 sessions with my trainer Tom and I’m really enjoying it. The results are there to be seen already, which is great after just a month. I’m also eating so much healthier and having all the right food to assist with my training. I’m never going to be Peter Andre in Mysterious Girl (oh come on!), but I think come the summer I should be in really good shape if I keep this up with Tom. He’s also a great guy so it’s nice to take a break from the work day and have him kick the shit out of me physically.

February is all about putting into practice those that I’ve planned out in January.

Personal training, project P, and FixForums growth amongst others.

Who’s ready?

How was your month?

Let’s go!….