May 2017 Growth Report

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About the video.

This is my twenty second growth report on I use these reports to share my progress updates from both a business and a personal point of view. You can view my previous reports here.

There are several reasons I do these monthly reports, but the main reason is so that I’m publicly accountable for everything I do. The way I see it is if I put my report out there to the world wide web then I really have no place to hide. This, to me, is one of the biggest motivators that will enable me to be highly determined to become a hugely successful entrepreneur. I literally have no place to hide!

Another reason I want to do these reports is because I’d like to think that one day I can sit back and read through the journey I took, and the ups and downs it took me to make it.

Lastly, I want to inspire! A huge catalyst for creating this blog was to inspire others into the entrepreneurial route of life. I was just a normal guy from a normal family who worked every hour under the sun as a chef in an Italian restaurant up until a few years ago, but hey, enough about me. Let’s get into the good stuff!

What I Have Done in May

As always, we’re going to start with a few important announcements, a few key things I’m working on and I’m going to break down individual companies that I personally own or co-own, and give you an update on them.

First things first, if you’re watching this video now and you’re on my blog or on YouTube, please, please, please click the subscribe button. It should be around about here. I’m probably pointing the wrong way, it could be here, but it should be around about here. There should be a red YouTube subscribe box. Please, please click it. Subscribe to my channel because we’ve got some amazing content coming out over the next few months and I don’t want you to miss it as well as some important announcements.

Please, please, please, you can click in the right way, subscribe now. That would be awesome. Thank you.

Let’s get to the announcements. First things first, obviously, next month so June, there’s going to be the massive affiliate marketing event in Berlin by the guys from STM. Amazing guys, Lorenzo Green and all the other guys, really, really cool people and we love working with them and anything they tend to do always does very, very well. We went to Berlin last year and we’re going to be there again.

I’m personally not this year because of travel commitments, which I’m going to explain to you further on in this video, but if you are going to be at Berlin, we are throwing a pre-happy hour party.

To get all the details, what you need to do is go on to and you’ll see a big banner at the top. It’s a happy hour. It’s for three hours between 5 and 8 on the 13th, the day before the event. We did this last year and it was amazing. We had a great turn out. We got a DJ. We got free bar. We got canapes and finger food and all that kind of good stuff. It’s a great place to set the show off and really, really network with other people.

If you’re watching this and you’re going to Berlin, head to There’ll be a big banner at the top, secure your ticket. We can only fit 200 people in this venue. Last year, we had 400 people turn up. We had to turn people away. Make sure you grab your ticket and meet the Affiliate Fix team. The whole team’s going to be there. I’m not personally, I’m sorry, but the whole team’s going to be there. Go to and we’ll see you in Berlin.

Again, I keep looking back to my phone because I write notes on here so as I go to the update, you’ll see me look at my phone. Secondly, we’ve been starting to do some really, really big, big things in Actmatic so I’m going to touch on Actmatic again later on the video, but it’s important to announce, if you’re not a member of Actmatic, head to and join up because you’re missing out on some great things.

We’ve had some amazing guests this month, doing ask me anythings, seven-figure earners. We had one person I’m going to talk to you a bit later on the video had nine seven-figure exits and he’s done the ask me anything inside Actmatic and it’s well worth watching. We’re going to be dropping some more and more content in there so head on over to Actmatic and make sure you join.

Thirdly, I don’t want to give too much away and I can’t reveal this probably until next month’s video. I’m probably doing on my blog during the month or maybe on next month’s wrap-up.

I’ve been working on personally the biggest deal of my life.

This has been working in the background for about three, four months. I can’t really reveal anything until it’s completely done, but it’s 99% there and I’m ecstatic.

It’s something that’s life changing for me and for my companies and I can’t wait to announce it, and that pretty much sums up what I’ve been up in May, general, big, big things.


Let’s get into the individual things and let’s get into May 2017’s Wrap-up starting with Affilinc. Affilinc is AffiliateFix and so you’ve got the community and software that we’ve been building for the last three to four years. For those of you who don’t know watching this and don’t know what Affiliate Fix is, it’s a affiliate marketing community and resource. We have over 90,000 members. We have thousands of resource literally listed on our directory and it’s super exciting.

To mention, as I just mentioned in the announcements, we are going to be hosting a party in Berlin. Last year’s party was crazy, a lot of drinks flowing around, a lot of networking, and a lot of people said they met people there that changed their lives, which is amazing. We’re doing the same, 13th of June in Berlin. Go to for all details and we can’t wait to see you there.

Also, something that I don’t tend to share too many facts and figures of my business and share stats with you monetary-wise just because I don’t want to be one of those people who said, “I earn this, I earn this much and this much and this much.” I want my work and this accountability on video to talk for itself.

However, one thing I wanted to mention is it was quite a cool stat. I sat back last month, sorry, yeah, in May and I basically looked at what we did. In May, we raised invoices and this is just invoices.

This isn’t affiliate commissions. This isn’t upsells or memberships. This is purely invoicing for advertising and partnerships between different companies. We raised invoices for 50,000 USD. In May alone, we did $50,000 in revenue for advertising. Now that again, that’s not total turnover. That would be somewhere near the 60, 70 mark for the month, which is just incredible. I can honestly could never have pictured this.

I sat down and I thought three years ago I was a full time chef and it would’ve taken me probably four years to get that same amount of revenue. I’ve just done it in one month and I don’t want to do this just to show off or share numbers. I purely want to inspire people and make you open your eyes to how … You can get stuck in a job and it’s so hard to break the mould. Once you do, you’ll make … Mind’s an amazing thing. If you stay glued onto the goal and the prize, which we’re going to help you do in, then you can achieve some amazing things.

I never ever thought three, four years ago when I was a full time chef earning $15,000 a year I’d be invoicing as a company 50,000 US in one month. That’s something I just wanted to share with you. Like I said, I don’t really do any kind of stats and figures things. If you want me to do more of that stuff, I can break it down. Comment in the section below or in video on YouTube and I will, but I was amazed. It was good.

Another thing we did with Affiliate Fix is we’re actually partners with a Forex company called InstaForex. They’re an Asian Forex broker. They’re amazing guys. They got a really, really good affiliate programme, pays very, very well that we help promote. As part of our deal, they send us to Liverpool. Luckily enough, I am one of the biggest Liverpool fans you’ll ever meet. I go as many times as I can every year. My dad was born there. He had season tickets for years and whenever I can, I went.


I took two guys, two of my closest mates who both actually are not massive Liverpool or football fans, but the whole experience is crazy. InstaForex put on a hospitality package. We get a four-course meal. We get canapes. We get champagne. We’re able get to meet some of the other players, the legends. We get to talk. We get to meet a player after the game. We get special dedicated seats in the directors’ box. It’s just crazy. It’s amazing.

I can’t talk highly enough of InstaForex and thank them for sending us, but I also can’t talk highly enough for Liverpool football club.

The staff are incredible. You couldn’t want for anything. Every time your drink is empty, they bring you another. The hospitality is incredible. Anyone who gets that opportunity to go, definitely go and a long way my partnership with InstaForex lasts, it’s been amazing. That was another thing we did.

As far as Affkit, I think this slowed down slightly just because of after the launch, it slowed down. We’re going to test a few different price points and entry levels on that one. Also going to test maybe a trial, a one-day trial, see how that goes, but it’s business as normal. The forum continues to grow at a remarkable rate. I think we broke several thousand last month, post every single day, people dropping loads of valuable content and networking, meeting each other in a middle ground and the team can’t wait to get to Berlin and meet some of you in person. If you’re going to be in Berlin as well, comment below this video on the blog and that summarises Affilinc.

Landing Page Guys

We’re going to now move onto the Landing Page Guys. May was a busy month for Landing Page Guys. To be honest with you, it wasn’t the busiest month client-wise or job-wise. It seems like everyone’s having a little break and what normally happens is you have one or two months slower and then boom, everyone comes out with this new funnel, pages, projects, website, e-commerce stores. I’m pretty sure that would probably happen next month.

However, it was very busy management side for myself, for my business partner. Andy we spent the entire month working on basically improving our processes. We broke everything down, especially our sales process so the leads come in and I typically am the one handling incoming leads in the sales side of things, although Andy’s going to be doing that as of next month and I’ll explain why shortly, but Andy made an amazing system.

For those of you who don’t know, we use a software called Trello. Trello’s a really, really cool management system. It’s great for lists that you can manually process the leads that come into your funnel. What Andy did is he integrated our website with Trello so as soon as we have a lead on our website, it goes into a column in Trello. We then contact them and it automatically moves to the next list.

We then have a real cool process within Trello and I’ll put a picture down below in the blog that shows the pipeline of the sales process so contacted, if they’ve replied, if they’ve not replied, if we’ve closed them, if they’ve paid their invoice, if we delivered a job and then following up after that. That should make things very, very streamlined and processed, and it also means if we want to take on more staff and sales people, they can just go in there and have access to exactly where we are with each individual client. That’s really cool.


We’ve been working on a new portfolio.

We stripped our website away from WordPress. We weren’t really using the blogs. We’ve gone static. It means it loads a lot quicker. There’s less security risks and we’ve also added a new portfolio. That’s going to be live soon. If you’re on the mailing list, I’ll be sending that to you likely by the end of this week.

We can’t wait to show people, that usually gets a really good spark of new clientele coming on board so that’s going to be exciting.

Speaking of Andy, as I mentioned, he’s now taking on the sales process for the next couple of weeks. That’s because I’m going travelling again as I mentioned at the beginning. If anyone who’s watching this video and wants help with their landing pages and wants to get a quote or proposal, just have a phone call with us. You can email Anything that I receive, obviously, I will forward to Andy in the meantime. I’m not going to be away from my computer. I’m addicted to this stuff.

I can’t get away, but Andy will be handling things mainly for Landing Page Guys in the coming month or so. That really summarises that. We’re growing every single month and the streamlined process and things we needed to put in place, they really as I said streamlined everything moving forward.


With that being said, let’s move on to Pagesource. Pagesource, now it is getting very, very, very exciting. We’re probably two weeks away from actually having our first proper I would say beta users in the system, taken much longer than we’ve ever planned, but we are so excited. It’s now coming together more than ever.

It’s amazing. Every time you show people on a demo how excited they get, but it’s so much more advanced. Obviously, there’s a lot of competition out there in the space, but we’re very much focused on the lead generation space. Our lead distribution, our integrations on the forms and stuff like that are way more advanced than any builder out there. It’s going to make everything very, very easy for lead guys.

Anyone who does hosting posts or sells leads is going to be able to pick up a template, integrate it instantly with HTTP post or email integration or any of the top lead distribution platforms at a click and send the traffic and just send the leads. It’s amazing system. I cannot wait to show you guys.

We’ve also now built in full support and knowledge base so as soon as we open, we’ve got full support. We’ve hired a full time support manager as well to answer your tickets and to deal with the daily back and forth to improve any bugs that you may point out, which are bound to happen. We now have over 230 templates in the system. We pared these systems up. They’ve all got amazing confirmation pages.

They’re all mobile, tablet, desktop responsive. They all load very quickly. They’re all ready to be fully integrated and ready for you guys just to quickly load up your content and go. It’s going to be so easy. So excited about this one.

Also, we’ve been working on our forms. As I mentioned, our capability teams of integration with forms is way above anyone else. We can even go down as far as doing custom field types and posting types into your HTTP or API integrations. The forms, the way you add fields, and different stuff that you can have on the form, you can have date pickers, check boxes, form fields, emails, click to inaudible, whatever, you name it, you can do on your forms.

Multi stack, we’re doing redirect. We’re doing thank you messages, everything that you will have wanted on the forms you’d be able to do from a drag and drop editor, which is very, very cool.

We’re adding our final integrations. As I said, when we launch MVP, we are going after lead gen markets so we’re integrating right now with all the top lead distribution platforms like Cake, Lead Exec, Leadspedia and many more and if you need any that we’ve missed, please, please reach out to us and we will integrate them for you.

The exciting stuff is happening on the back end, we’re also getting our first proper front end website ready for MVP, for people coming on to see the product and signing up so that’s very exciting. We’ve got some really cool programmatic stuff going on in the front end which we’re excited about and we should be the first to do that as well. I’ve never been so excited about projects and when I get back from my couple of weeks’ travelling, I cannot wait to get this out and show you guys all that.

Sorry it’s been that long. If you’re looking forward to it, please let me know. If you want some demo access, comment below on the blog or on video and that wraps up Pagesource.


Let’s move on to Actmatic.

What is Actmatic? Some of you may not be familiar with Actmatic. If you’re watching my videos for first time, Actmatic’s something that’s new for me. It’s basically a closed entrepreneurial like-minded individual group that basically connects people and helps them achieve success. We’re a big group.

We’re encouraging engagement. We’re encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone, get on video, get in front of the camera, something that I’ve needed to do and now I’ve been doing this even more. It’s really, really starting to take shape.

As of this video, we’ve got 700 members. We’re soon to expect a hell of a lot more, but it’s not about numbers. It’s more about engagement with different people and it’s about helping people. A lot of people started asking questions in the group. I’ve been starting getting on camera and just running through your questions, your queries. I’ll do that every single week.

If you’ve got any questions about internet marketing, about how I run businesses online, how I’ve managed to scale three or four businesses up by now in the last three, four years, turning over six to seven figures, go to Join the group and ask your questions. I will answer them. Any questions you’ve put in there, I’m committed to answering.

We’ve also as I said in the video intro, we’ve been doing a lot of ask me anything.

My mentor, Adam Toren, he’s been our first guest. Adam is an amazing guy. The video is in Actmatic or it’s on my blog if you want to see the replay, but Adam talked a lot about entrepreneurship, talked about Cryptocurrency, talked about how he’s exited online seven-figure companies and how he did, how to get started as entrepreneur, how to get started in an online business, lots of tips on motivation, books to read, resources to view. He’s just an incredible guy. You really need to watch that video.

If you’re watching this replay, head on to my YouTube channel, head on to and I’ll have a replay there.


We also had Ari Maccabi, an old friend of mine and he came on, literally broke down the whole Cryptocurrency space.


Something that’s a massive buzz and a big buzz within Actmatic actually, I’ve actually put out videos again on my blog of how you can get started in Cryptocurrency and it’s really taking off the space.

I personally have made nearly six figures in the past couple of months investing in Cryptocurrency. I strongly advice anyone else to do watch this video who has some cash to … Almost new because you’ve got to look at it that way when you’re taking a risk on investment to get involved in the Crypto space.

The ask me anything, it’s been brilliant. We’re going to continue to do them and the whole Actmatic group is going crazy. It’s cool. We’ve got some merchandise done. We’ve got a few hats and caps and everyone wanted them so we gave some of them away. We also started doing these daily posts. We’ve got Monday Motivation, Feedback Friday where we get feedback. Winning Wednesday where you can win stuff. Just get in the group. Head on over to and I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Let’s go on to

For the first time in a long time, we’ve actually got some content on I apologise. I’ve also been busy rebranding and scaling my other companies, but I’ve now really, really committed to growing OliverKenyon Actmatic. This month, we’ve had I think it’s been four posts I’ve put on the blog, which is really cool and we continue to commit to doing this. Everything that’s inside Actmatic, we’ve shared on the blog that’s worth sharing as far as videos and contents, and ask me anythings and follow alongs.

They’re all on the blog now. If you head on over to, you may be watching to go to the home page and you’ll see the recent blogs.

It’s going really well. A lot of people are responding. We’ve been getting a lot of … I say a lot, we’ve been getting subscribers on YouTube. We started with zero this month. We’re at over 200 and if you’re watching, again, please, please wherever the button is, subscribe to this video. I really appreciate that because then you can keep up to date with all the updates.

Again, questions I get asked on Actmatic. It’s been amazing for me because a lot of people come out with questions and I’ve taken that question and expanded on it and then done a tutorial or a video or a guide and posted on the blog. If you have any affiliate marketing, investment, entrepreneurial questions, head on over to Put them in the group. You’re going to get feedback from everyone else, but also I’m going to take it and I’ll do a full post video and I’m going to post it up on my blog so please, please do that and I’d be happy to help.

Apart from that, is moving as normal and when we do this announcement next month, there’s going to be a lot of press out for that and we should really see the [audience 00:19:34] scale and that’s what I really want to do. I want to continue to grow this KPI and continue to expand my brand and I think that’s very, very important in this day. It’s all going well.


Finally, we’re going to talk about my personal life. I mentioned earlier in the video about investing in Cryptocurrency so that’s been a big part of my life because I’ve actually been showing some close friends, people on the internet, people on my blog how to invest in Cryptocurrency.

If you need help with that, please head on over to our YouTube channel and subscribe. You’ll find some videos. It’s been a big part in my life because there’s a lot of up and downs with Cryptocurrency. I’ve put in quite a lot of money and that money has almost doubled and tripled, and it’s also come back down, but you have to ride the wave. Personally, I’m thinking long term. I’m not going to sell these for several years.

I’m going to sit on them and see what they can do. Even if I lose it, it’s a much funner investment than it just sitting in a bank. It’s something that’s personally to me this previous month been a big part of my life.

Some more news, as I keep mentioning, I’m not going to be here for the next few weeks. We are actually, myself and my partner, Josie are going travelling.

This is the first time I’ve ever been proper travelling. We’re hitting Europe. We’re doing France. We’re doing Italy, Croatia and Switzerland, all on a train. As a lot of you probably know, I don’t really fly. I’m petrified of flying so I’m doing it all on the train and I can’t wait.

I honestly can’t wait. Hopefully, by then by the time we go as I keep mentioning is done, then I can sit and reflect and I just can’t wait to spend weeks planning because I know I have to relax and reflect, but I can’t because of the person I am and how much I love this stuff, but I can’t wait to sit there and plan what I’m going to do when I get back.
I’ve got lots of things including Pagesource I’m very, very excited about in Actmatic that I work on and I can’t wait to put in actually, my brain and sit there and individually brainstorm each one, write the list and then when I get back, it’s action time.

It’s war time. I’m going to war. I’m going to go bang, bang, bang. Tick them all off and set myself some new goals.

That’s going to be for me a big highlight of the travel.

Personally, at home as well, I’ll put some pictures up, but we finished our garden. We had a big party last weekend, which was really cool, first ever barbecue of the year. It stayed dry in UK, it stayed dry which is amazing. Yeah, I’ve been having a great time. We’ve met up with a few times with our friends, Holly and Andy, went to their house, which is great, seen baby Teddy and they’re actually going to come meet us in Croatia this coming month, which is amazing.


Very happy. Personally everything’s all good. Carrying on with my fitness every week with Tom, but we’ll see how that goes after a month of travelling. Who knows?

That pretty much sums it up. Thank you so much for watching my wrap-up. I really appreciate it. Again, I love feedback so anyone who does watch this, please, please, comment below on the video or on the blog.

It means the world to me. I know you may sit and watch and think oh, why does he want a comment? It really does mean the world to me to know that people are watching so please, please comment. Can’t wait to share next month. Like I said, this is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me in my career so next month’s going to be massive for me as well as the travelling side of things so I’m very, very excited. I’m a happy man. Please join us in Actmatic. Subscribe below whichever way it is. I’ll get this right for next time and thanks for watching my wrap-up, guys. I’ll see you soon. Cheers.