Mine and Others First Blog Post!

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About the post.

I first launched OliverKenyon.com back in 2013. I think I wrote about 6 posts and shut it down. Back then I was only a year or so into full time online employment and I hadn’t yet learnt the trade properly. I think in all honesty it was a little premature of me and I didn’t have the time to maintain my companies and sites along side a content driven blog. Now a few years older and wiser a lot has changed! If you’d like an update on whats been going on you can read about me here.

I’m now reopening and properly starting my first ever personal blog. The reason the time is right for me now is because i’ve been able to streamline my business in order to free up some time. I now run several online companies and have several members of staff which allows me to invest my time and money into other ventures along side growing those current. I’ve always looked at some of my online idols and their blogs in envy and wished I could do the same, so i guess this is my attempt!

In all honesty I don’t want to make money from my blog I just hope I can share my experiences and look back in years to come to hopefully see my journey from chef to successful online entrepreneur. I also want to help those who wish to follow in my footsteps by blueprinting my every step. I currently run several online companies turning over good profits and am incredibly excited to be involved in one of the hottest start ups in the automotive space. For more about what i’m currently working on check my portfolio.

I’m a big believer in branding yourself along side your companies, so for me this blog completes the circle from website to company to man behind the company.

I didn’t know what to write for my first ever blog post so I thought i’d share some of my favourite bloggers first ever posts along side my first ever post!

Ian Fernando

“As you know this is the start of a brand new blog I have removed all of my past post and re organized my blog on a more user friendly and blog look a like template. I have stumbled upon, funny stumble upon. Anyways ?”

Ian Fernando Networking with MyBlogLogs

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“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

Jeremy Shoemaker hello-world

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Charles Ngo

“I can’t get any work done because I’m always distracted by something”
“I can’t focus for more than 10 minutes”
“I keep procrastinating on everything”

Charles Ngo How to Focus in the A.D.D Generation

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“There are many reasons why we all want to quit our 9 to 5 job. But how many reasons are there for you to believe you can honestly do that? The answer is: millions.”

Pat Flynn Why I Will Quit My Job for a Passive Income

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“Hello world! As you can see, I have decided to start my own affiliate manager blog for PeerFly. I wanted to create this blog because it will give me the opportunity to share my knowledge of affiliate marketing with my PeerFly publishers (and affiliate marketers who have not joined PeerFly yet) on a mass scale. ”

Luke Kling Hello World

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“First off I’d like to say Happy St.Patrick’s Day! In addition to the holiday, it’s time we celebrate ZacJohnson.com going live. Time sure has flown by fast, but it sure has been fun”

Zac Johnson Happy St.Patrick’s Day, We are Live!

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I’ve decided to give into peer pressure and create a blog due to an overwhelming number of requests 🙂 I will start the blog by stating that Sitepoint linked to my “five months later” thread on their front pages. Now I feel bad for writing it quickly and poorly…”

Tyler Cruz Birth of a Blog

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“Here, you can expect a blog about making money online via the love-it or hate-it industry that is…affiliate marketing. A lot of people ask me what exactly is affiliate marketing. How can I afford to give up my day job in the middle of a recession?”

Finch Hello, Affiliate Marketing

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“Welcome to my blog. My name is Lorenzo Green, a 23 year old (increasing daily) full-time super superb affiliate/performance marketer from New Zealand.”

Lorenzo Green Mrgreen.Am – Open For Business

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“Well, after over 5 years, I thought it was finally time to update my home page. I’m sure most people were getting sick and tire of my picture splashed across this home page.”

John Chow Welcome To The New JohnChow.com!

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“4 years ago I launched my first ever blog. At the time I was really passionate about internet marketing and SEO, so as anyone with half a brain would recommend, that’s what I blogged about.”

Glen Allsopp ViperChill is Back, Baby!

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