Why I Now Run EVERY DAY!

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About the post.

I’ve recently started running on a daily basis and there are many reasons why. You may think people run to get fit, but I get so much more out of my runs than just becoming fit (I hope)! Sure that’s the main reason, but there’s a lot more to it.

I’ve gone from standing on my feet all day and night as a chef to sitting on my backside all day and night as a keyboard warrior! Most people think, as a chef, you get to eat everything you serve up all day and should therefore be the size of a house; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The trouble is, as a chef, you’re cooking during all of the main times you should be eating, and the rest of the time you just graze on leftovers. This, in turn, means you’re never really hungry when you get home from work!

My point is, as a chef, I was pretty fit and healthy, but when I started working online full-time, I gained some added pounds!

I will be recording my times and progress each month on my growth reports.

It has now become my mission to shift the extra weight and get back in shape as part of improving my health and business lifestyle, and I’d like to share the benefits, both physically and mentally, of going out on daily runs:


So ultimately I’d like to get fit. One tip I can share that has really helped and spurred me into running each day and getting fit is run against your mates! Now I don’t mean running with your friends at the same time, but I strongly suggest getting set up with the Nike+ Running App and a sensor. You can use the app with your phone or grab the watch, but I personally run with my iPod and sync it with the sensor. The app will allow you to select the distance you wish to run, and then after you’ve finished, store your time, distance, calories burned and more. This allows a group of my friends to have a bit of banter and fun by seeing who can run certain distances the quickest. We all push each other this way to get quicker and ultimately fitter!


It may seem funny that I get motivation from running, but this is a trick or tactic I’ve been doing for years. What I do is plan my route around the most expensive houses in my area. I do this not to avoid the other areas or because the route is easier, but I do this to get inspired. When I have my headphones in and I’m running past million pound properties, expensive cars and people who admittedly have more money than me, it gives me one hell of a kick up the ass! I almost zone out with my music playing and grit my teeth saying “I’ll be living here and be better, younger, and more successful than you”. I know that may seem odd to admit but I come home with one hell of a positive attitude!


Running is a GREAT way to boost your energy. My daily schedule is strongly influenced by American hours; therefore, I still get up at the same time most UK people do, but I work into the evenings. This means that when it gets to my afternoon I’m normally feeling quite sluggish and tired. This is when I run! You’d be amazed at how much energy you get when you come back from a run. You also get a sense of proudness for what you’ve just achieved. This all makes for a fantastic attitude to your afternoon’s work! Either run first thing in the morning or on your break at lunch!


I’m an incredibly determined person. If I want something, I tend to put my head down and work until I have it. I guess that’s the entrepreneur in me! The great thing about running for me is the determination I can transfer in my head from completing a long run to completing a task at work. I guess this also comes into motivation and energy, but when I run I think about what I want to achieve and gain an amazing sense of determination. If I say for example have 2 miles left to finish my run and I’m desperately trying to beat my friends time, I seem to transfer that determination into my business thinking “would you be where you are if you’d given up on CPAFix”; this pushes me to go further and faster.


There’s no BETTER time than to be alone with your thoughts than when running in my opinion. Running is one of the only times I’m not distracted by a mobile phone, laptop, email, computer, etc. It’s just me, the road, and my iPod. I’ve had some of my biggest money making ideas whilst out on a routine run. I love thinking about business as it seems to take my mind off of the actual fact that I’m running, and time goes by very quickly!

My Setup:

If you’re interested in what I use currently to record my runs and keep track of distances etc then here’s my setup:

runningsetup shadow

Total: $271.85

Gaining the 5 benefits from above: Priceless!